A minimally invasive and flapless procedure

With the development of SMILE, a minimally invasive and flapless procedure has become available.  It has quickly established itself as a gentle treatment option.

A small piece of tissue (lenticule) is created inside the cornea with the laser and removed through a small incision.  Minimally invasive means there is minimal corneal tissue intervention.  Many of the upper layers of the cornea are unaffected.  This offers the potential for preserved biomechanical stability of the eye and fast healing.

SMILE is also a flapless procedure, meaning that there are no flap-related complications and side effects.  As a result, corneal sensitivity, for the most part, is quickly recovered.

Visual recovery, in general, is fast.   Patients can normally return to work, take a shower or apply makeup shortly after surgery.  Driving and sports activities are possible within a few days.

At a glance

  • Minimal invasive and gentle with only a small incision
  • No flap necessary, thus reducing the risk of infection and incidence of dry eyes
  • Supporting a comfortable and stress-free patient experience
  • Generally fast visual recovery within a few days
  • Predominantly excellent visual outcomes with high predictability
  • Interesting treatment option also for athletes engaging in contact sports, flight crews, military and rescue personnel
  • Odourless and noiseless, laser works silently


SMILEtreatmentStep1 V01

Step 1 - Lenticule Creation

SMILEtreatmentStep2 V01

Step 2 - Lenticule Removal

SMILEtreatmentStep3 V01

Step 3 - Impairment is corrected