Safety, precision and accuracy of all laser, High Definition LASIK™

“Safety, precision and accuracy of all laser, High Definition LASIK® only at Fendalton Eye Clinic”

Laser eye surgery has come a long way in 20 years. The procedure has gone from using a steel bladed mechanical device (microkeratome), to all-laser technology that can pulse up to 500,000 times a second, leaving the cornea structurally stronger, than would be achieved using a bladed microkeratome.

The evolution in this technology provides a much safer procedure with more accurate results with all laser High Definition LASIK™.

When choosing your laser eye surgeon, ensure you get the safest and most accurate results by insisting on HD LASIK®.

Fendalton Eye Clinic is the only provider of HD LASIK® in the South Island. We offer free laser assessments in centres throughout the South Island to check your suitability for laser eye surgery. Call us today 0800 37 39 37 or book online to book your free laser assessment