Quality Laser Theatre

For your safety we have invested in a purpose built laser operating theatre. To get the best results from laser eye surgery the laser operating theatre conditions need to be carefully controlled.

Temperature and humidity control are important to achieve consistent rate of removal of corneal tissue (ablation rate). Keeping the air in the theatre clean and free from dust or lint is crucial. Our laser operating theatre has a surgical operating theatre quality air conditioning system.

HEPA filters

  • We have three HEPA filters installed. To ensure thorough filtration of the air entering the laser theatre. HEPA filters are such fine filters that they function to filter out lint and bacteria. Minimising the chance of debris under the LASIK flap or the chance of an infection.

Positive Pressure

  • 10-12 Pascal within the laser theatre helps prevent unfiltered air from entering the theatre when the door is opened.

Consistent temperature and humidity

  • Need to be maintained to achieve predictable ablation rates of the cornea.
  • Our laser theatre has sophisticated ducted air conditioning that uses chilled water to cool the air. It can both dehumidify and humidify the air in entering the laser operating theatre, enabling us to have stable consistent conditions in the laser theatre regardless of the outside temperature and humidity.

Our investment in the highest quality air conditioning system to maintain the best laser operating theatre conditions will increase your chance of the best possible result from your LASIK surgery.